Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moving to WordPress

It is a long time I moved to Word Press. I intend to post regularly on WordPress my daily activities. Please watch out for all activities on

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


When i started writing this post... I had no idea what i was heading at. But wanted to start out on some topic.

I decided not to look at beautiful girls... As all girls that i look to have a boy friend or a lover already. All my roommates (except Soms) are in the same state.

We had tried many times. I have liked many, but no way to go speak up, till one day i see her with some one else. This has been happening and happening all the time till now.

How am i to go about it. Break the ice and dive deep. Find myself a girl friend. Just a friend. Nothing more. But being without one is again a blessing.

You have no concerns on topping up your mobile. No worries to go out in the great sun on Sundays. No beaches, No complains of gifts, crying over silly things, etc. Can find time to go out to movies with friends, no telling lies to friends....

But when the whole world except you seem to be in love... something is really missing.

Let me see if i get one...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

At last I am into Designing

At last the wait is over. I am with Cognizant for the past 1 yr. Finally our team is moving from maintenance to development phase.

ASP.Net, C#.... All new things... Classes, Methods, Interfaces, Pages, AJAX.... I am speaking technically.... I am trying to understand these.

Let me try to get some update on how this goes with the client in 2 days.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Soms in Love

I can never imagine my friend and roommate would fall in love someday. He is sucha freaky guy, enjoys ROCK music a lot and would ask you a question "What #### do u converse for this much time with a girl?" if he sees us talking on the phone.

His dream wife would be a damsel in all belief, slim body and structure as that of Avril Lavigne. A care for nothing type, ever smiling girl

Today he has fallen in love, but none befits his dreams.. U should hear him say "Love is blind" if you ask about why he has chosen her. He waits for her 4 an hour daily, spends all time with her.

Where is SOMS?

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Hello World!

Just creating a template for myself. Trying to blog... Have heard a lot about blogs in magazine and stuff. So creating my own blah! blah! Be prepared for some activity over here. My roommate are watching over my back. So signing off now.